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About Our Company

With locations in New York and Colombo, Workerbee has a team of capable and skilled professionals providing innovative and tailored solutions to our global clients. Beyond our web design and development services, we function as an offshore partner and extension of our clients’ businesses. We produce efficient and high quality output on each and every engagement, allowing our clients to work more effectively and intelligently.

By allowing us to assist with your workload and relieve you of some of your support services, we recognize that you have made an important decision to focus on revenue generation and company growth while simultaneously enjoying cost savings. In choosing Workerbee, you are accessing a talent pool with a breadth and depth of skills and experience that a single onsite professional cannot provide.

Our people are our most valuable resource and we take hiring and retaining a talented staff very seriously. We recognize that increasing the skill level of our people is the best way to better serve our clients, and to that end we ensure that our employees are given every opportunity to grow and develop their skills.

We offer a variety of services including website design and development, online research, bookkeeping, site maintenance, graphic design and more. Excellent customer service is integral to our success and we offer a variety of ways for our global clients to keep in touch with our staff.

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