Website Design

A positive perception of a website increases the confidence in the brand. There's no doubt that customers are influenced by aesthetics and research confirms that it can take just few moments for a potential client to decide how they feel about your company's design.


Web Development

Web development is at the core of we do. Workerbee offers premium online communication solutions to businesses globally. We enable firms to enhance the impact and efficiency of their business via an efficient, visually compelling and functional website.


SEO & Marketing

A good SEO strategy forms the basis of a longer term online marketing plan. Most internet users find websites through search engines, it is important to strengthen your company's position in this ultra competitive marketplace. The Workerbee team leverages our experience in SEO to better position you in organic search engine results.



Website metrics provide rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Website analytics are critical to improving the measurable results of any internet marketing campaign.These analytics provide insightful information on how often your users are visiting, where they spend the most time on your website and what device or browser they are accessing your site.

Workerbee is a company of passionate and creative web professionals providing business support services to our clients. We build strong, long term relationships with our clients who understand that partnering with us is a key business advantage in the competitive digital market place.

With locations in New York and Colombo, Workerbee has a team of professionals providing innovative and tailored solutions to our global clients. Web development is at the core of we do. We're passionate about using our strength in technology to help boost your brand online.

Beyond our web design and development services, we function as an offshore partner and extension of our clients’ businesses. We produce efficient and high quality output on each and every engagement, allowing our clients to work more effectively and intelligently.